Tower Defense Unity3D Test


I made, just for testing, a tower defense prototype. The gameplay rules are very simple: Enemies will be spawned and they will try to reach the magic crystals. Player health will be decreased for each enemy who touch any crystal. To avoid it you can build two kind of turrets: canyon turrets which launched projectiles and laser turrets which damage enemies over time.


I coded some custom inspector scripts in order to craft the map just in time. I mean that you can replace the tiles map from the object inspector instead of delete a tile and add a different one.
Select a tile, change the tile type and press “Change Prefab”. it’s possible to rotate the tile 90 degrees too.



There are few prefab tiles like normal enemy spawner, armored enemy spawner, laser turret, canyon turret, etc.. The enemies behaviour script can be attached to a more complex model, it’s ready to work with animations too.

You can you set your map dimensions quickly and change the different tiles which will be used before to find a correct path to the crystals using BFS algorithm.

In-game camera control is like a RTS style, you can move, zoom and rotate in order to navigate easily.

It was a very funny exercise and I suppose that make a more complex game from this “template” with a good looking graphics is possible.






Cut-Shumoto is a video game for Android mobile devices made as graduation project for UTAD videogame programming master degree.

The project was developed in C++ and LUA using Project Anarchy game engine. The game was made mainly with learning purposes but trying to do something which could work in a real world context too. I mean… a casual game for mobile devices 🙂


It’s a kind of slice-on rails… The player is moving in a FPS perspective and slicing all the enemies at range.
There are different kinds of enemies, some of them with an specific cut pattern and a final boss at the end of each world. Simple enemies, armored, ghost who disappear and change their trail, two different ninjas, souls who give health, civilians (you should not slice them!) and more in an easy game in the first levels but very dynamic at the end.

Is not a long game, is not a bug free game and is not too complicated but it’s our first game and all of us learned a lot about team work, games and manage less friendly engines like Project Anarchy.

I was in charge of enemies and final bosses behaviours, some graphics shaders, enemies factory, sound manager, Swig integration and other minor tasks.

Here is the game trailer:


and a screenshoot Gallery:

Unfortunately Project Anarchy is no longer available so the initial build was made for Android 4.x and we can’t compile another version for the newest Androids.

You can download the apk here but its possible that the game does not work in current Android releases.