Tower Defense Unity3D Test

I made, just for testing, a tower defense prototype. The gameplay rules are very simple: Enemies will be spawned and they will try to reach the magic crystals. Player health will be decreased for each enemy who touch any crystal. To avoid it you can build two kind of turrets: canyon turrets which launched projectiles and laser turrets which damage enemies over time.   I … Continue reading Tower Defense Unity3D Test

Kind of Shoot’em Up for testing Entity / Component data driven system


After learn the basics of Unity3D development I wondered how to port this idea to a raw code. Yes, I know that a component system is not a Unity idea but I never used it before.

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  Cut-Shumoto is a video game for Android mobile devices made as graduation project for UTAD videogame programming master degree. The project was developed in C++ and LUA using Project Anarchy game engine. The game was made mainly with learning purposes but trying to do something which could work in a real world context too. I mean… a casual game for mobile devices 🙂 It’s … Continue reading Cut-Shumoto