Unity3D Terror Game Test for Mobile VR devices


Future of videogames is VR. I’m not talking about traditional games replacement but I think the next big change will be VR. Oculus Rift, Morpheus, Valve-HTC Vive, Razer Hacker, Samsung Gear VR… There are a lot of future VR devices and this is one of the reasons because I’m not a DK2 owner (not yet :P). A lot of devices, a lot of “standards”, a lot of APIs… Meanwhile I bought a cheap VR glasses for mobile devices in order to test some ideas.

My first demo is a kind of terror game in first person view where the player is an employee trying to discover some clues in his office during night, in order to explain the weird behaviour of his boss. This “game” has two different parts. The first one is based on explore and find some clues. No Weapons, just a flashlight.

One of the main issues about VR and mobiles is the control. First I tried to do a game semi – on rails. The player moves automatically to each room and there you can interact visually with some objects there (looking at them for a few seconds).


But I wont publish the game for the public so I decided to move the main character using a gamepad connected to the mobile via bluetooth. The camera is moved by head tracking using the mobile gyroscope and you can walk using gamepad stick. It’s really simple and easy to do using Unity3D.

About the second part (which is still in progress) the player has resolved this mystery and he has to defeat the final boss. It will be a simple FPS fight and now, yes, using fire weapons. I don’t want to spent much more time in this demo because I have another ongoing projects and future VR ideas.

A lot of scary events are included so it’s so funny to see my friends testing this game }:)

I have used Unity3D engine, sixaxis android app to connect the gamepad and Durovis SDK for head tracking and SBS effect.




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