Bitgem3d Bubble Bobble Contest


Here is my entry for the last Bitgem3d Contest. I visited their webpage searching some free assets and I saw the contest post in the forum. The target is make at least a level of a game inspired in the classic Bubble Bobble.

For the contest they enabled some assets for free download during few days: The Dragon, some basic cubes with different textures (rock, sand, grass…) and a pack of loot props like coins, gems, fruits… all of them very cool.


d3I decided to make a kind of Super Bobble 64 hehehehe but I had not too much free time after work so the result is not so polished as I wanted.

In this demo level, you have to collect the coins and defeat the enemies before time finished. You can kill the enemies shooting them with your bubbles or you can jump over.


Death by jump will give you less points and the enemies can damage you but its easier than shooting. The final score depends of the elapsed time, enemies defeated (and how) and the collected coins.

It was made in a week (only afternoons) but I spent more time during the weekend.