Infinity Damage – Character Movement

Infinity Damage will be a very simple game but it has to useful for learning too so I have tried to make the main character mechanics simple but also fun for the game designer (ups its me too hehehe). For this reason I have add some movements more so.. currently my character (his name is Dezereth) can walk, jump, crouch, shoot (obviusly 😛 ), roll and perform a melee attack.


In addition I will implement an alternative shoot like grenades, freezing rays… whatever. About weapons… will be a single weapon but a lot of (not really so much) different kind of shoots. Clips will be infinites but no ammo in clips so it have a reload mechanic too.

About more technical stuff… I want to use this project for refresh my C++ knowledge so I have not blueprints and my animation blueprint has a very single states. I have some animation slots and I trigger animation montages from code. I don’t know if its a bad way to do it but its working for me now.


Here is a video with some movements:



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