Infinity Damage – Kamikaze Enemy


I have created the first enemy type: a Kamikaze enemy. This enemy is just patrolling around but when player is inside sight radius (I have used a UPawnSensingComponent) he enters in crazy mode, ignites his bomb and runs towards the player.



When enemy is close the bomb explode and the enemy die (no damage to the player yet). I still have to decide some things like… if player jumps over the enemy he continues running until collision with something?? He should to stop and face the player??

Would be funny if player jumps over and the enemy runs to another enemy hehehe

Patrol time, distance to explode, bomb damage… all exposed to Blueprint of course.

Behaviour is so simple that I don’t use behaviour trees or FSM but this enemy inherited from a BaseEnemy class which is prepared for AIControllers, Blackboards and BT.

Next enemy probably will be another who patrol and shoot 😉




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