Infinity Damage – Shooter and Melee enemies

I’m still working on my game demo and this time I have coded two news enemies: Shooter and Melee.


The shooter enemy launches fireballs when see the main player and also has a chance to dodge the player’s shoots. I was considering the enemy movement (indeed is implemented) but finally I found it useless because fireball has infinity range so enemy movement does not help in anything.

I created a class for projectiles that is used by main player. Shooter enemy uses exactly the same class with a different blueprint instance and assets.

Dodge probability is exposed, so it’s posible to change it for each enemy instance.


The other new type is a melee enemy that runs towards the player and when is at specific range performs a jump attack which do a lot of damage. Then he continues punching if player is at range. If player retreats he pursues it until death 😛

It has a lot of exposed params like damage for jump attack, damage for normal punch, distance to jump, jump coldown….

Both enemies inherit from Base Enemy class so some actions like detect main player or receive damage are the same in all of them.


Here is a short video showing these enemies in a row. There are a lot of thing to fix and to change but i’m learning a lot about Unreal Engine with this project.

In my last post I talked about use kamikaze enemy against other enemies. I’m not sure about the real use in a real game level but here is a test:


The next kind of enemy will be a tank. Not a machine just an enemy who can receive a lot of damage hehehe.