Infinity Damage – Game elements

Currently I have four enemy types: Kamikaze, Tank, Shooter and Melee and probably I will do more kinds like Turrets or whatever but I decided to stop the enemies stuff and design the level and the final boss’s place.
Probably I spent more time positioning rocks, floor tiles, lava or columns than coding the game hehehe. Really I’m not (still :P) a good level designer because when I finally decided to stop and finish the level, I looked at it and my impression was a bit… I dont know… that my game is a boring and simple. Because of that I needed a change and I came back to code.

I thought that the level would need a bit of verticality so I made a movable platform in order to reach places where jump is not enough. For this I made a spline based component in order to simulate the chain movement when the platform is moving. It was fun, very useful probably for level design too, (using rocks instead of chains) and I learned to use construction scripts which are really powerful.
About the settings name… “wonder” its a personal joke that only few people can understand 😛


Here in movement:


Another element created was a Fire (or acid, water, whatever you want) Trap. Yes, very simple prop but… what if we put some of them in a row? should be funny. Exposed parameters are few, time to start, working time, time to start again and damage done.
I have not positioned it on the level but it’s possible to do synchronized movements or rolling… like this:

Of course we can rotate it in order to have to be jumped over 😉



The last element I show in the post is a time based door switch (that exists? sorry for my english :P). It seems a good idea have some doors you can open only from some distance and then run before it closes. Yes it has no history but again I learned new things… this time about materials and shaders because when you shoot the switch,  it disappear using a beautiful disintegration effect by time. When the time is over the switch appears again and the door closes.





And finally and short tour of the level that probably will be deleted… I’m seriously thinking about change the side perspective to third person


Next post I will talk about the level boss.



Infinity Damage – Tank Enemy

The next enemy class I have created is a little tanky. He (or she.. I’m not sure hehe) is big, has a a lot of health and can’t be defeated by shooting.

He has a simple patrolling behaviour until he see the player. Then he goes towards the main character and performs a big melee attack when is at enough distance… probably this attack should do a lot of damage and push back our character. Then he continues punching until infinity (or player’s death :P). Well… not really because has a “big attack” cooldown so probably he will perform this attack again.

As I said before, we can’t kill this enemy shooting him but when he lose a lot of health he enter in stun mode which is the time when we can kill him but at melee range. If we are not hurry the enemy will restore his health and immediately will performs a huge fire attack which probably kill the player… i’m still thinking about it (and I’m the worst game designer of the world :P)


I have been working on some things also like switches, platforms, traps and of course the level boss. If you are wondering why this enemy is not in the grey and sad level is because I put him on the boss cave to take the screenshoot… hehehe.


And here is a short video about this :