Infinity Damage – Final Boss

Today I’m going to show you the boss of the level. As you saw in previous post the level is all around fire, magma, desert landscape… so the boss should have some visual consistency and is because of that I put him in a kind of castle or cave above a lava river.


The boss has three stages each one with different behaviours. During the first stage the boss walks towards the player and performs a powerful melee attack when is at range. You should shoot to his fire capsule in order to hit him. Probably I will make a short cutscene showing the cave and focus on the capsule and the statues (I will talk about them later) in order to give info about where you have to aim. He has a lot of health so you have to move around and dodge his attacks (be careful, if you fall into lava you will die hehehe).


When the boss has enough damage he enters in a stun mode and you can’t hit him but you are not in the second stage…  There are two statues in the cave who heal the boss when hi is stunned. You have to destroy one of them before the stun mode finish, again be careful because a kamikaze enemy will spawn. If you have destroyed a statue then the boss has full health again but you are in the second stage. In this stage the boss behaviour is similar: melee attack at range but… he can performs a distance attack too. It’s a kind of fire attack on ground.


To go to the third stage the steps are the same, damage the boss and destroy the last statue. In this case, two kamikazes will spawn. I did not said it but if you don’t destroy a statue during the stun time, the boss will restore his health.

In the last stage, the boss goes to a point in the cave and a force field will be generated. Obviously you can’t cross it so you have to find the way to damage the boss. Yes is not easy because while the boss is alive he will shoot powerful projectiles and continuously some kamikaze enemies will be spawned.


I’m still thinking about the way to damage the boss in this stage. I have some ideas about it but nothing definitive.



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