Local multiplayer Bomberman

I have been working on a test for a job application during last week and it was really fun. I’m posting this because I had to do it from scratch so all the content was added by myself and there aren’t NDA nor confidential content (all the assets are free to use, from cgtraders, mixamo, freesound.org …)


The test was about create a little local multiplayer game based on the bomberman/dynablaster mechanics. It was my first time with any kind of multiplayer so I don’t know if I will pass the test but at least I have learned something new.

The map can be designed from the Unreal Editor, changing some settings like map size,  tiles distribution or which meshes will be used. You have a random seed in order to “save”  your level design or you can just let it generate randomly every game.


There are some fun mechanics like every bomberman game: different items (speed, bombs amount, bomb blast size and remote bombs), destructible walls which spawn a random pickup based on probability, bombs can activate other bombs or destroy items, camera with automatic pan and zoom…

Almost everything is coded in C++ but I had to do some blueprints (test requirements) and the UI and animation stuff are made from the Editor.


I’m involved in other projects but… I would like to make some upgrades for the future like 4 players at time, AI enemies, AI players, different map themes…. who knows!!

Here is a video playing with my wife 😀

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