Bomberman improvements and Download

As I said in my previous entry, I was thinking about make some improvements to the Bomberman Test. I have not implemented an AI because it has no sense to play against CPU in this little shitty game, however it can be fun when you play with a friend / girlfriend, brother… The new name is Wonder CroqueBomber ­čśŤ


I have included four different enviroments with exclusive features and items.

Nature Map: it’s the test map with new assets and a little mole who sometimes surfaces and steals an item or a bomb. The exclusive item in this map is the Teleport. It swap the players position.

Desert Map: Like the Nature map, sometimes a mummy appear in the map. He is walking around and chasing the players if they come close to him. He has two lifes but obviusly ca be defeated. There are a new item that reduce the other player’s speed for a while.

Iced Map: In this map you should be careful because the ice is too slippy hehehe. But don’t worry, the new item freeze you anyway.

City Map: This sci-fi ambient map has four turrets on the corners. Randomly they shoot to one player so you will have to avoid the bombs and the bullets. A new item turn off the lights for some seconds so be sure to pick it up in a good moment.


I have improved the UI, now you can change the graphics settings (just low, mid or high, I don’t want bored you with a lot of settings) and the resolution. You can play a totally random map or you can choose the map size, game time, enviroment type or the destroyable wall’s chance of drop an item.

There are different characters you can choose before play, an in game pause menu, new sounds, music and fx… The game is mostly the same but better looking hehehehe.

I decide to improve the previous test because I was testing it with my wife and we had a lot of fun playing it. But have tested it mainly alone, so probably there are some bugs. If you try the game and found something wrong, please I would appreciate some feedback to fix whatever you find.


Source Code: GitHub

Game executable: Wonder CroqueBomber Download

3 thoughts on “Bomberman improvements and Download

  1. Could we talk at some point?

    I’m working on a project that uses similar mechanics and am pretty new with this stuff and had a few questions to ask about your project.

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