Just Deal With It!

Wow! Long time since I wrote here! That’s because I have been working on an awesome Playlink game for PS4!

A lot of things happened this year and I have dedicated less time to my personal projects but one of the reasons is I started working at Super Punk Games where we developed Just Deal With it!

It’s a game for PS4 which allows up to 10 players play some card games, locally, online, with some local friends vs other bunch of people by internet…

My role there started as game programmer, making the logic of some card games but then I turned on a sort of… graphics programmer? I’m not sure about the label but my work in the project was related to all the visual stuff. I was in charge of bring the game avatars to “life”, including their animations, movement, reactions, emotes….

It was a very fun project to work on because in addition to all the avatar stuff, I had to do other diverse tasks things like UI, camera transitions, game cards motion, some mobile and network stuff and even some shaders (which I enjoyed much) to try to add more magic to the game.

Of course this was posible thanks to my mates’s help and work. Super Punk is full of talent in every area: coding, art, game design, QA…

I know this game is not a AAA production, nor a hardcore game, but it wasn’t easy to finish so I’m very proud of all of them.

I’m excited to know about our next big project!

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