About me

I always wanted to be a combat pilot since I saw “Iron Eagle” movie when I was a child. I suppose my way would be quite different once my teacher showed me some Pascal programming examples. I am not a religious guy and thanks to god that I chose “ethics” instead of “religion” subject in school hehehe. Pascal it’s not too much ethical (or maybe yes) but it worked for me 😉

Music is other of my passions and play guitar was a very important thing in my life since long time ago. I like to think about it as a relaxing way to improve my creativity ( drink some beers and share good talks with my band mates is also really good hehehe)

Finally there are the videogames, blended with all these things. From my old Spectrum 48k to PS3, in between Atari 2600, Master System, …. and PC Master Race of course hehehe. Why not combine some of my passions? Im trying to do that… Develop videogames is my target and I will do my best to reach it.

My last and most important passion is my wife who supports me everyday and who I love with all my heart. I wont be a pilot but i’m married with an aeronautical engineer, it’s the destiny…



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