Downtown: Aventura en el metro

I have been working on a serious game named “Downtown: Aventura en el metro” since the last September. It was my first “commercial” project or I should to say, my first project as professional because the game will be free. The game is a third person adventure and it has a very clear goal: help Down syndrome children to improve their independence to travel using … Continue reading Downtown: Aventura en el metro

Infinity Damage – Game elements

Currently I have four enemy types: Kamikaze, Tank, Shooter and Melee and probably I will do more kinds like Turrets or whatever but I decided to stop the enemies stuff and design the level and the final boss’s place. Probably I spent more time positioning rocks, floor tiles, lava or columns than coding the game hehehe. Really I’m not (still :P) a good level designer … Continue reading Infinity Damage – Game elements

Infinity Damage – Tank Enemy

The next enemy class I have created is a little tanky. He (or she.. I’m not sure hehe) is big, has a a lot of health and can’t be defeated by shooting. He has a simple patrolling behaviour until he see the player. Then he goes towards the main character and performs a big melee attack when is at enough distance… probably this attack should … Continue reading Infinity Damage – Tank Enemy

Infinity Damage – Shooter and Melee enemies

I’m still working on my game demo and this time I have coded two news enemies: Shooter and Melee. The shooter enemy launches fireballs when see the main player and also has a chance to dodge the player’s shoots. I was considering the enemy movement (indeed is implemented) but finally I found it useless because fireball has infinity range so enemy movement does not help … Continue reading Infinity Damage – Shooter and Melee enemies

Infinity Damage – Kamikaze Enemy

  I have created the first enemy type: a Kamikaze enemy. This enemy is just patrolling around but when player is inside sight radius (I have used a UPawnSensingComponent) he enters in crazy mode, ignites his bomb and runs towards the player.   When enemy is close the bomb explode and the enemy die (no damage to the player yet). I still have to decide … Continue reading Infinity Damage – Kamikaze Enemy

Infinity Damage – Character Movement

Infinity Damage will be a very simple game butĀ it has to useful for learning too so I have tried to make the main character mechanics simple but also fun for the game designer (ups its me too hehehe). For this reason I have add some movements more so.. currently my character (his name is Dezereth) can walk, jump, crouch, shoot (obviusly šŸ˜› ), roll and perform a melee attack.


Continue reading “Infinity Damage – Character Movement”

Infinity Damage – Unreal Engine Side Scroll Shooter

I have been checking Unreal Engine 4 since it becomes to free but in order to get some experience for a real scenario (in Spain) I have used Unity3D the last months. I really like UE4 and I have forgotten C++ so make a simple game can be useful for this two points. My idea is an old school shooter using side perspective like Contra … Continue reading Infinity Damage – Unreal Engine Side Scroll Shooter

Bitgem3d Bubble Bobble Contest

Here is my entry for the last Bitgem3d Contest. I visited their webpage searching some free assets and I saw the contest post in the forum. The target is make at least a level of a game inspired in the classic Bubble Bobble. For the contest they enabled some assets for free download during few days: The Dragon, some basic cubes with different textures (rock, … Continue reading Bitgem3d Bubble Bobble Contest