Bomberman improvements and Download

As I said in my previous entry, I was thinking about make some improvements to the Bomberman Test. I have not implemented an AI because it has no sense to play against CPU in this little shitty game, however it can be fun when you play with a friend / girlfriend, brother… The new name is Wonder CroqueBomber 😛


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Be Football: VR Soccer Experience for Vive Trackers

We have made content for Virtuix Omni motion platform, we have done some tests with Leap motion and subpack and we are currently waiting for our Hardlight VR Suit unit, so… when HTC launched the Vive Trackers, it was obvious, we had to make something for it. Something that all people could try, enjoy with their family and something that required hands and feet?? Yeah … Continue reading Be Football: VR Soccer Experience for Vive Trackers

Be Brave: VR Bullfighting Experience

When we developed our “Encierro de San FermĂ­n” VR Simulator  we met a lot of people related with the bulls environment and the possibility of a VR bullfighting experience was very much in demand. So we decided to make a prototype and a live performance of a VR bullfighting show for possible investors. We used Unreal Engine (C++) and HTC Vive for this project. No violence, no … Continue reading Be Brave: VR Bullfighting Experience

Be the Plane: VR Flight Experience

In our search for nice experiences for people who does not tried VR before we were doing some test with HTC controllers. What about a experience where you have to use your arms like the wings of a plane? Easy, intuitive and fun. Trace a vector between controllers, project it to a orthogonal plane and get the angle with player’s up vector 🙂 We made … Continue reading Be the Plane: VR Flight Experience

“Encierro de San FermĂ­n” – VR Running Simulator

When Downtown was finished I was looking for new challenges and I started to work in Prisma VR Studio. Our first project was a virtual reality experience about running with the bulls in one of the most popular spanish tradition, “Encierros de San FermĂ­n”. Probably the worst issue in VR is the motion sickness and this experience requires a lot head movements: You have to run in front of … Continue reading “Encierro de San FermĂ­n” – VR Running Simulator

Infinity Damage – Game elements

Currently I have four enemy types: Kamikaze, Tank, Shooter and Melee and probably I will do more kinds like Turrets or whatever but I decided to stop the enemies stuff and design the level and the final boss’s place. Probably I spent more time positioning rocks, floor tiles, lava or columns than coding the game hehehe. Really I’m not (still :P) a good level designer … Continue reading Infinity Damage – Game elements

Infinity Damage – Tank Enemy

The next enemy class I have created is a little tanky. He (or she.. I’m not sure hehe) is big, has a a lot of health and can’t be defeated by shooting. He has a simple patrolling behaviour until he see the player. Then he goes towards the main character and performs a big melee attack when is at enough distance… probably this attack should … Continue reading Infinity Damage – Tank Enemy